Baking for Daniel Humm

To find an oven is probably the most complicated task in the journey of Bread Exchange.

Or, rather, it can be hard to find openminded people who don’t think it is crazy to ask them to use their oven.

When I found an oven I usually stand in front of an even larger challenge;  that every oven is different. At home I know how to get my oven to perform and give me the kind of crust I want. But, again, when traveling, every oven is different.

These days in NYC I have been lucky. Not only did I find an oven; I found one of the best Kitchen in the city!

The other day when I visited Russ&Daughters I bumped into a Swiss guy. I asked him if he happen to know where I could find an oven to use. “You can come by my restaurant”, he said. I asked if he thought that his oven would be good enough for what I was doing. He answered that he thought so, since he used it for making focaccia too.

So that’s the story how I ended up baking at Daniel Humm’s restaurant Nomad.

The way I see it, this kind of openminded attitude is what makes the world go round.


Thank you:

Daniel for letting me into the Kitchen

Mark for helping me out

Brad for tasting and commenting on my bread

and  Kan Mun for taking these pictures!


You find Daniel Humm’s restaurants along Broadway. Nomad is located on 28th street and Eleven Madison Park is where it sounds to be.

MalinBaking for Daniel Humm

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