Bread Exchange at Friends of Truth Wine Harvest

Last weekend we drove south-east. Katharina from Friends of Truth wine were harvesting her grapes at Zähringer Vineyard close to Freiburg. Wine harvesting is (or is supposed to be) hard work and you need to eat well so Katharina asked me if I wanted to come down and bake bread as an in between snack.

Of course I did. I called up my friends in the area and asked them for support.

We  decided to make it into a road trip and packed the car with important gadgets like the sourdough, the scale and some salt that I had traded the week before. Bayern, Franken, Schwäbisch Alb and Schwarzwald. We stayed away from Autobahn as much as we could. We stopped at Herr Bauers 700 year old flour mill in Dinkelsbühl to get flour. I have to tell you about Dinkelbühl another time.

To be honest, I did not do much of the harvesting as I focused on setting the snack table instead.

Check out Katharinas Wines here. And to get to Zähringer Vineyard (Organic), go here.
THANK YOU Olaf Deharde for great pictures!


AllFee Katharina2 Katharina  BE-1003207Mädles

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MalinBread Exchange at Friends of Truth Wine Harvest

3 Comments on “Bread Exchange at Friends of Truth Wine Harvest”

  1. Elmlid

    Yes Yes! Exactly! For my party in NYC Katharina send us a box of “Stiller stolz lauter Dank” (which means something like “Quietly Proud, Loudly Thankful”).

    An excellent wine to serve 20 girls that inspires you, don’t you think Nicole?

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