Bread Exchange in Santa Rosa

I have 3 kinds of Bread ready to trade today. They are all without yeast and baked with water from Big Sur and Sonoma Salt.

1) Simple White. The most simple kind and what I like the most – Water, Flour and Salt.

2) Santa Rosa Brewed. Baked with the local beer “Pliny the Elder” from Russian River Brewing company. This dough smells amazing. I am spicing up the crust with some Biber Pepper.

3) Santa Rosa Brewed Apricot Bread. This loaf is also baked with the same local beer but is sweetened with Turkish apricots brought from my favorite NY delicacy store Russ and Daughter. I would have it with gruyere or Roquefort. But I am sure there is something local that would go just as good.

The Journey

In fact, Russ and Doughters are the reason why I am in Santa Rosa in the first place. When I asked them where I could bake my bread in NYC they gave me the email of a Eric Anderson, a California guy with Swedish roots. I met with him and he invited me to Sonoma. So now I am here. Trading Bread with the Farmers Black Market of Santa Rosa. Not Bad huh?

Today I am trading freshly made Chevre with Spring, Oven and eggs with Laura and Jams and Chutneys with Erin. But I still have a couple of loaves to go. So let me know if you want some!


MalinBread Exchange in Santa Rosa

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