Nice People and Deutsche Welle

Yesterday there was a really nice article about Trading in Berlin on  DEUTSCHE WELLE. It is nice to see that the idea of trading is popping up everywhere. Deutsch Welle is a Germany’s International Broadcaster with News in English. I was interviewed about The Bread Exchange there almost 2 years ago. You find that story here.

The journalist behind the story, Katherine Sacks, actually helped proof reading parts of my book before the texts were send to my publisher in the States. She was a recommendation from a woman I know thanks to The Bread Exchange. Just like everyone else who helped me with the book, Katherine is not just good at what she is doing, but she is also just a genuine and nice person to work with.

Check out her blog La Vita Cucinare here.


Sorry about being a bit vain, but I have no connection to the bread pictured in the article. Both Crust and Crumb in that bread is really sad looking. 

MalinNice People and Deutsche Welle

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