Bread Exchange today

The other week I ordered a whole box of flour from Kunstmühle in München. It is one of the oldest German mills, located behind the Hofbräuhaus. It is one of the best places I know to get high quality flour and luckily they also ship to berlin. For me it makes sense since I order like 30-40 kg at the time. However, you could easily go together with friends to order some fresh milled grains.

Today I have baked 4 breads and can trade them with you tonight. The bread is baked with flour from Munich and salt from Murray river.

I will be around in mitte. In case you are too, and up for a Moonraker bread or a Dior Shaded sourdough just comment here on the blog, or send a mail to

MalinBread Exchange today

4 Comments on “Bread Exchange today”

  1. Konradin

    If you have one left, I’d be really happy! Nothing to trade with spontaneously, but I’ll keep messaging you for Philharmonie opportunities :)

    1. Elmlid

      The breads are gone for today Konradin. But soon soon again!
      Thank you for keep on trying. I really hope we will go to the philharmonie soon again!

  2. Elmlid

    I use their wheat flour 550.

    Manitoba is a tricky matter.
    If you decided that you want to use Manitoba flour my only tip would be to make sure that it organic and really from the Manitoba region. Many manitoba flours are not really a summer wheat from the manitoba region but a normal wheat flour with additives to raise the protein % and then sold as “Manitoba style”.

    On top of that Manitoba flour is shipped from Canada.

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