Important visitor in Kabul

The other day John Kerry came to town so I stayed away from the center as much as possible. The days when important guests are in town the risk of suicide bombings go up rapidly, I’ve been told. You do not want to be stuck at a check point when a bomb goes off. It is hard to control this as you are currently stuck in traffic jams throughout the city.

The suicide bombs happen both at morning, day and night. However, the mornings are the most risky times. I asked why, and I was told that it is probably because the bomber is given a relaxing drug with the morning praying around 5am. The drug is on full power around 8.00-8.30 when the officials are on their way to the office. I guess even the most dedicated suicide bomber would become scared at the very last moment and pull out if he is not under chemical influence.

When I saw John Kerry’s Blackhawks and Cheenooks leave on  the skyline I felt a slight relief.

Relieved that nothing happened.

The picture is not very clear, but you can see them on the skyline here.

MalinImportant visitor in Kabul

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  1. Elmlid

    Why disturbing?
    Regardless of all amazing places, inspiring people and warm hearts I been connecting with, I find it hard to write about a visit to Kabul and completely leave out the dark side of reality.

    But I promise I stay safe!

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