die kleine Schwarze

The invitation to Oktoberfest in München couldn’t have come a a better time. I had been touring the south and even bought my first dirndl. I had made my research on the subject and visited Allgäu, Salzburg and Fischbachau to get the knowledge from the locals. No München bling bling please. I bought my dress in Vienna but it was … Read More

Malindie kleine Schwarze

Last Bread Exchange in München this year

This tuesday I can offer: Beer Bread baked with Weltenburger Klosters Barock Dunkel beer and dried apricots. The apricots I got in Zürich at Schwarzenbach’s delicacy store. They had 6 different kinds of Apricots to choose from to I am pretty sure I am using the ones I liked the most. The flour is this time from Au in south … Read More

MalinLast Bread Exchange in München this year