STHLM. early in the morning.

Early in the morning at Fabrique. Rosenlundsgatan 28. I decided to keep the curlers in. Alternative would have been to wake up at 3. Not an option. ————————————- Thank you so much Robert! Thank you Emilie Lindgren for the early morning pictures.

MalinSTHLM. early in the morning.

STHLM Preperation day

Tomorrow I have a pop up bakery in Sthlm. I always forget how much work it is to do a bread event. You turn up at a location (if you know me, with way too little time) and you have to work with tools you are not really used to. You work with temperatures different from home (STHLM is SHIT … Read More

MalinSTHLM Preperation day

Ok Guys, the first recipes are online…

I am a bit nervous. And happy. The November Issue of the US magazine Food & Wine will write about Bread Exchange. The Magazine will reach the stores mid October. But some recipes are already online. These are my Waffles from Liège. ——————— In case you like to freestyle a bit I would really encourage you to do so. The … Read More

MalinOk Guys, the first recipes are online…

Breakfast Heaven in Paris 2

The fruit box was turned into a table. The cheese paper was turned into a table cloth. Julian had the necessary tools. Note his Colette x Opinel pocket knife. Sweet.

MalinBreakfast Heaven in Paris 2

It seems like there will Bread in Paris tomorrow

Baked with Organic wheat, Apricot from the Sunday Market at Bastille, Sea Salt and Beer. All French of course. They are very patriotic down here. Send an email to if you like to trade with me tomorrow (Tuesday).

MalinIt seems like there will Bread in Paris tomorrow

I give you a reason not to go to Bretagne.

These desserts are too good. Like Nancy said, one gain 12 pounds in a week. ———————– At the Bastille Market yesterday an incredibly sweet American Lady stepped in and helped me with translation. She and her husband have been living on a house boat right at Bastille for the last 12th years. Now the boat is for sale. All info … Read More

MalinI give you a reason not to go to Bretagne.

Breakfast Heaven in Paris

Sunday morning wearing my Frees. The rest of my team are still sleeping. I walk fast to Bastille, the spot where, I guess one could say, the French revolution started in 1789 (on the weddingday of my Parents), and where I just have to be every sunday morning when I visit Paris. The reason is the Farmers market. This was … Read More

MalinBreakfast Heaven in Paris

If you want summer and a bread, go to Paris

It is supposed to be 30 degrees. I am leaving tomorrow. And I will bring 2 bread to trade. In Marais. Tomorrow. Send me an email and I save you one loaf. This picture is from last Octobers baking course with Benjamin in 134 rue de Turenne. 2nd best Baguette baker in Paris.

MalinIf you want summer and a bread, go to Paris

Cooking Session – Pumpkin

Ladies night at Casa Ehrl in Tiergarten. Love the hallway. And I love our chaos. It was all about pumpkins. This is how you do it. [vimeo][/vimeo] [vimeo][/vimeo] On my trip from Kitzbühl to Luzern I picked up some pumpkins on the way. We ate one tonight. Soo good. Cooked with Coconut, ginger and cinnamon.

MalinCooking Session – Pumpkin


This comment from Rahel during my 2 weeks in München in August provoked me quite a bit. How could I, after 11 years in Germany, have missed the best Dessert in the world, ever? [vimeo][/vimeo] Of course I had to go to the bottom with this. I went on a little researchtrip to learn how to do it right. Hertha … Read More