Bread Exchange at BOLD today

Today is Press Days for Levi’s® Made & Crafted™ at the Berlin based PR agency BOLD in Mitte. And Bread Exchange is baking. I have saved 2 breads that are up for a trade. ———————————– Please let me know if you like to trade one Sourdough. If possible we would love to trade a home made jam to go with the … Read More

MalinBread Exchange at BOLD today

an unexpected Bread Exchange.

About a month ago I was invited to a dinner on 17/9 in Switzerland. As a Bread Exchange. But the invite didn’t arrive until the day of the event. I did not know the dinner was a charity event with 400 Swiss art collectors (+ the fruit flies) at the Foundation Beyeler in Basel. I love dinner events. But, To … Read More

Malinan unexpected Bread Exchange.

So, last Bread Exchange for Switzerland and south Germany

Zürich I will be trading bread in Zürich until Saturday. Just let me know in advance and I bake for you! I have two options for you: Today I have a bread prepared in Gruyere made with water from the Mountains and old gruyere. I used french seasalt and Canadian flour grinded in München. Tomorrow I will make what I … Read More

MalinSo, last Bread Exchange for Switzerland and south Germany

Beer Bread for Berlin

Today I have made my latest fav. bread: Kellerbier Brot with apricots. Personally I would have it with Roquefort, but a salty butter will do too. The beer I used is a trade with St. Georgen Bräu in Bavarian Buttenheim. The flour is a canadian Manitoba flour, grinded at the KunstMühle in München. The salt is a sea salt from … Read More

MalinBeer Bread for Berlin


- now it is time. Septemb(er), Octob(er), Novemb(er) and all Decemb(er). In the fall, When many dishes end up being heavy, I just say one thing: Thank God for Mussels. ————————– The picture is missing 2 crucial ingredients from Matthias cooking session last night: 1) Cloves (Matthias says 3, I though 5 was just perfect.) 2) Wine. .————————- This is … Read More


The Breakfast

You might have noticed by now that to me Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I could starve all day but if I do not get my breakfast I am screwed. So, I tend to pick hotels after their ability to make a proper breakfast. At Rösler haus in Fischbachau I experienced the most overwhelming breakfast of … Read More

MalinThe Breakfast

Night baking session

I have been testing all type of ways to make Liege waffles to make sure the recipe for Food and Wine is correct. These 2 are my favs. 1)    Black Vanilla 2)    Yellow Saffron (the base is from a 200 year old recipe!!!) From 11 am today you can try them at NoMoreSleep in Mulackstrasse, Berlin. And THANKS to the … Read More

MalinNight baking session

I am excited already.

Especially about the Kompotts. They are the best in this world. My Breakfast tomorrow. I will tell you more!

MalinI am excited already.

The food

Bergkäs’ salad. Fischbachau. Sauerkraut ist der hammer. Nürnberg. Good Wine. Frankonian Food. I needed an Obstbrandt Snaps after this dinner. Buttenheim. Meat with meat. München. I am a sea kind of girl. I am craving fish by now. Next trip has to be Hamburg. Since I am not much of a sweet girl, I did not try the cakes. But … Read More

MalinThe food

Bread Exchange in München

Thank you all for trading with me these 2 weeks. I have already been sharing your jams and mustards with my clients in the Levi’s Vintage showroom. Your trades has been really inspiring and it impresses me how much effort you all put into your home made treats! The trades will through the dark Berlin winter. I will be back … Read More

MalinBread Exchange in München