Sourdough Bread for Bavaria

Inspired by the region I decided to bake with beer today. In about 2 hours I have one bread to offer you: Todays Bread Exchange: Beer bread with Apricot. Turned out to be one of my favorite Bread. It is baked with flour from the “Kunstmühle” here in Munich and spiced up with keller beer from St. Georgen Bräu in … Read More

MalinSourdough Bread for Bavaria


When you are on a roadtrip and drive by a “DORF FEST” you should always make a break. That is what we did. I picked up the best grilled Makrele in a very long time. Colmberg is in Franken.



Some days I ask myself of it is worth it. But in the end I end up thinking that it was.


The last 4 Berlin Baking Days

The baking madness continues for a few more day. From Sunday I will take a break and not bake for Berlin until the end of the August. Upcoming trading places are: Düsseldorf (25-28 juli) Timmernabben (29 juli-Aug 2nd) Allgäu (5-8 August) München (10-19 August) But, if you are in Berlin, and like some bread, let me know and I will … Read More

MalinThe last 4 Berlin Baking Days

Scones to trade today!

I have been up since 6AM baking scones. This morning the US Magazine Food and Wine from  had pictures shoot at my home. I made 3 different kinds: * Canded Kumquats, carrot and raisin Scones * Choc Chip Scones with Seville Oranges * Raspberry Scones Now I am stuck with an insane amount of bread. Please trade with me. I … Read More

MalinScones to trade today!

Bread Exchange for Brunch

The US Food magazine Food and Wine is in Berlin to do a story this week. They will join me for Brunch this weekend. I would love to trade some of your favorites Breakfast accessories to offer them. Things that you like with your Bread. Spreads, dips, cheese or whatever you can think of. Maybe your fav. dish from home. … Read More

MalinBread Exchange for Brunch