Back in Berlin and hungry for bread

After 4 weeks of chilling in my fridge the sourdough will have to prove itself again. There are alot of strategies around how to treat a sourdough when you go on vacation: Bring it with you (which I normally do)? Dry it and save it somewhere? Freeze it? Or, if you live in Sthlm, let it check in to a … Read More

MalinBack in Berlin and hungry for bread

Michael Pollan on Sourdough

On May 3rd there was an interview with Michael Pollan on NPR on his new book Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation. You can read/hear the full article here, but I have cut out the part on Sourdough bread, as I found it great. The part on the subject Gluten is very interesting. Pollan is talking about studies in Italy … Read More

MalinMichael Pollan on Sourdough

the Bread Exchange in SMAK

Delivered by a group of Polish food lovers I finally got my hands on the latest SMAK magazine from Warsaw. I really like this magazine. ———————— I have one extra magazine that I can offer someone. Are you up for a trade? What I would like to know in exchange is where to eat the best Polish pirogues and the … Read More

Malinthe Bread Exchange in SMAK

Thank You. Friends of Truth.

Today a surprise arrived on my door step, send to me by the Friends of truth. It was a reminder of that the summer is soon to come. Wahrheit. Tomorrow is the first of May. When I lived in Sweden I always took my first ocean swim on this date. It was never a pleasant experience. And no, we never went … Read More

MalinThank You. Friends of Truth.


Today there is an Article about good bread in WELT am SONNTAG. The article by Anne Waak is discussing why the German bread quality has seen better days and why we consumer can not expect bread to both be good and cheap at the same time. Maybe it is silly to hold up an article that you have been interviewed … Read More


The man with the best mulberries

On the street outside the old town in Kabul, this man were selling his mulberries. I feel like I slowly get a hook on what good mulberries are, and this man offered some of the best ones I ever tried. I was introduced to mulberries about 1 years ago, when I traded Afghan mulberries for the first time. Since then … Read More

MalinThe man with the best mulberries


I told you before- I love leeks. And Scallions. Someone that likes bread and leeks, or scallions, have come to the right place in Afghanistan. ————————– When I come home to Berlin I will bake a bread with leek crust. I imagine the sweetness of the burned leek to play perfectly with the sourness of my Bread. Let me know if … Read More


Wine in Kabul

It is not easy to have a glass of wine with your meal in Kabul. Most restaurant does not serve it. I heard of 3 restaurants in total that offer wine. To serve wine can mean a security risk for the restaurant. This particular restaurant did not have much more security than many other western oriented once but you have … Read More

MalinWine in Kabul

my Sourdough bread in the Tandoor

I brought my simple sourdough and had the baking woman to bake my dough in the traditional way in the Tandoor. It turned out amazing. Airy, chewy and more crisp on the outside than the traditional Afghan Nan bread. When you bake it with sourdough, instead of the yeast that is often used in Afghanistan nowadays, the bread stays fresh … Read More

Malinmy Sourdough bread in the Tandoor

The first Bread Exchange in Kabul

My first bread here in Kabul could really have showed a bit more effort to make a good first impression. However, I had brough 8 packages of French Salted Raw milk butter. And, remember anything eaten with seasalted raw milk butter tastes really good. I traded the bread for the chance to learn how to make Ashak, an Afghan kind … Read More

MalinThe first Bread Exchange in Kabul