The Bread

I never visted a country where bread played a larger  role than in Afghanistan. The Bread is practically used instead of the fork and spoons, eaten by the right hand only. The people I met told me they eat bout 1 bread per person and meal. When I baked my Bread in the Tandoor, a loaf of their size  wheigh … Read More

MalinThe Bread

the Bakery

Bread is without doubt the most important dish in Afghanistan. The most common is the Nan bread, baked in a tandoor in the ground. I experienced two different kinds of  bakeries in Kabul. In the one kind of the bakery does all the work, from making the dough to baking it. You simply buy your bread at the bakery. The … Read More

Malinthe Bakery

The first meal

After arriving from the airport we went to Sufi, a traditional Afghan restaurant with a lovely garden. I tried Mantu and Ashak, two Afghan kind of Dumplings, with fresh bread. We sat down with Shoib, our guide here in Kabul and talked about the Persian New Year. I was told that it is highly important how you spend this day. … Read More

MalinThe first meal

the circle

Such a a great way of celebrating the finishing the second step (out of three) of a year worth of work: 3 Bread Exchange connections in one. In January Sasha made a Blood Orange Curd recipe for my book in exchange for a bread. As I passed it on for recipe testing here on the site in the beginning of … Read More

Malinthe circle

Guys, you have kept me busy day and night with your great comments on my recipes. I would never have expected this when I asked you for help the other week. Over 50 people have been helping out and I do not know what I would have done without your thoughts, pictures and comments on descriptions. NZ, Italy, England, Germany, … Read More


the Bread Exchange in French

The Bread Exchange in Berlin. As Bobo as it gets. I like it. This is the film about the Bread Exchange on French Canal +. I do not understand the synchronization at all but it does sound funny.  It almost look better in French, don’t you think? I like the fact that David in the movie does speak French (he is … Read More

Malinthe Bread Exchange in French

Craving Brussels

I am on my way to Warsaw. So traveling over Brussels is not really on the way. However, some days you just know that you really need something. Last time I went was end September. Way too long ago. I did all the classics. Had fish at rue Flandre. Checked the shoe store around the corner and for the first … Read More

MalinCraving Brussels

Liebste Frau Doll,

Your care package with home made sausage specialities from south Germany will make the highlight on our Sunday Brunch in München. I feel like I do not need to do the Saturday shopping at Viktualienmarkt anymore (obviously I will still. It is Germany’s best food market). Thank You! ——————————— So you Scandinavians driving down towards the Alps this winter, Do … Read More

MalinLiebste Frau Doll,

Bread Exchange for Etsy

Tomorrow I will be baking for Etsy‘s Fashionweek Breakfast.  I will bring the traded jams that you have made for the Bread Exchange to go with my Dior Shaded Sourdough. Yellow Mirabelle, Pink Quince and Red Raspberry. It will be a nice color splash on a grey paspartu. I have made a couple of extra loaves. So if you are … Read More

MalinBread Exchange for Etsy

The best Soup Ever.

This Christmas and New Year has been incredibly relaxing. I feel like I left Berlin and fell into a permanent winter sleep in Sweden. After Christmas we went to the Polish coastline to celebrate the new year in an old hotel Villa. And there I found a new favorite: the Zurek Soup. Actually, I knew it existed. A month ago … Read More

MalinThe best Soup Ever.