The search for the perfect baking shovel-part 3

Slowly, but steadily my baking shovel production are coming to an end in Kabul. I have received a couple of teasers of the carving – like this calligraphy in Dari which means “the Bread Exchange”. I know they are carving it in walnut wood. I will let you know when I have it in my hands! ———————— ps. If you … Read More

MalinThe search for the perfect baking shovel-part 3

The Bread

I never visted a country where bread played a larger  role than in Afghanistan. The Bread is practically used instead of the fork and spoons, eaten by the right hand only. The people I met told me they eat bout 1 bread per person and meal. When I baked my Bread in the Tandoor, a loaf of their size  wheigh … Read More

MalinThe Bread

today is a new year

I am arriving to Afghanistan together with the Spring. It is the first day of the new year. And it is the first day of spring. March 21st. This day is a celebration of new life and has its origins before Islam, in the time of Zoroaster. At New Year, when everything is fresh, and the winter is over, Afghans … Read More

Malintoday is a new year

the Bread Exchange in French

The Bread Exchange in Berlin. As Bobo as it gets. I like it. This is the film about the Bread Exchange on French Canal +. I do not understand the synchronization at all but it does sound funny.  It almost look better in French, don’t you think? I like the fact that David in the movie does speak French (he is … Read More

Malinthe Bread Exchange in French

the Bread Exchange in Loved Mag

I just found the Bread Exchange in the list of things to LOVE in the latest food issue of Loved magazine Thank You for your kind story! You can read the issue online here

Malinthe Bread Exchange in Loved Mag

The perfect shades of grey

In the last weeks I have been traveling between the  three European cities that I associate with the color Grey.  Switzerland, Belgium and Poland. The all hold their own personal tone of the color grey . Zürich seem to be inspired by ist own mountain bedrock and the antracite tones meet me in architecture, fashion and grafics. Belgium, or rather … Read More

MalinThe perfect shades of grey

Craving Brussels

I am on my way to Warsaw. So traveling over Brussels is not really on the way. However, some days you just know that you really need something. Last time I went was end September. Way too long ago. I did all the classics. Had fish at rue Flandre. Checked the shoe store around the corner and for the first … Read More

MalinCraving Brussels

Ich gebs zu: Ich steh auf sowas

Blame it on my mother who danced folk dance when she was pregnant and loved to play violin music for me when I was laying in her stomach. When I was 5 years old she took me to music school to let me choose an instrument to play. I showed no interest or patients. But when the Violin started to … Read More

MalinIch gebs zu: Ich steh auf sowas

home of the Bread Exchange

We have an office! Nothing too big, nothing fancy, but it is an office. A place to write and where I am not constantly distracted by the sourdough. On my first day in Berlin on October 3rd 2000 I took a whole role of film of this building. Or, of the backyard of this building to be more precise. In … Read More

Malinhome of the Bread Exchange