I will burn.

First deed of the day. Waking up all the late sleepers.

MalinI will burn.


Some days I ask myself of it is worth it. But in the end I end up thinking that it was.


Bread Exchange in Düsseldorf

If you happen to be in Düsseldorf, and would like to trade a Bread tomorrow night or Monday morning you have your chance. I can bring your loaf and would be happy to meet up in the city. Just send me a mail at malin@elmlid.com

MalinBread Exchange in Düsseldorf

Bread Exchange is going to Frankfurt tomorrow!

I can offer: 2 Black wheat Sourdough with sage crust (colored with charcoal). I like them since the color plays with my mind and looks amazing with anything you decide to eat with it. They will arrive in Frankfurt on Thursday evening so send me a mail to malin@elmlid.com as soon as possible if you like to trade one with … Read More

MalinBread Exchange is going to Frankfurt tomorrow!

Midsommar in Paris

I decided to leave the city for midsummer. A hard decision since last year was so stunning here in Berlin. I decided to go to Paris. Paris is probably the 2nd best place for midsummer, if you can’t spend it in Dalarna or at your summerhouse in the Archipelago. I told the story one year ago, but in case you … Read More

MalinMidsommar in Paris

Treat yourself well

Today Is my Birthday. Since I had to work I woke up early. I went on an early bike ride through the city. At 7.30 I sat down for Breakfast at Dylans hotel (Kaizersgracht 384) . I love this place. It is modest but with high quality. I love that. The breakfast room is located in the back house, actually … Read More

MalinTreat yourself well

I am going to Amsterdam.

For work. I love Amsterdam. But some days you just don’t want to have to travel. Some times you just want to be home with your friends around you. This is such a period in my life. I get extra emotional since it is my birthday. So please boost me with happy Amsterdam thoughts.

MalinI am going to Amsterdam.

Detouring Westfalia

So far all good. Factory Hotel (from design hotels) gave me a good night sleep and free work out at Fitness first. All good. Decided to only eat fish for a week. Too much meat and cheese lately. The hotel offered different smoked fish types for breakfast. Perfect. Now off to Sales meeting with cultizm.com The boys are fun. And … Read More

MalinDetouring Westfalia