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It is almost 2 month ago since I traded with Shantanu, who is running the trading project “Pixel Trade”. He has been living without money for 16 month now, trading his photography work against a bed, a plane ride or dinner on the table. He is back in Berlin this weekend, staying at my flat, and today he uploaded his … Read More


My Berlin for Your Beach House

I have decided to go on holiday in December/January and am looking for a nice place on a beach. But then I thought, my apartment is pretty cosy too so before I book something maybe someone likes to Swap with me? I could of course just rent out my flat, but swapping is way always fun (surprise, coming from me). … Read More

MalinMy Berlin for Your Beach House

Wine harvest – Behind the Scenes

On instagram and blogs things tend to look perfect. The plates are  filled. Tables are  surrounded with friends. Strawberries are incredibly red. And kids smile or make funny faces.  And the sun is shining. When we did the Friends of Truth wine harvest in Baden the sun was shining about 1,2 hours. Not much. During this short time we faught … Read More

MalinWine harvest – Behind the Scenes

Bread Exchange at Friends of Truth Wine Harvest

Last weekend we drove south-east. Katharina from Friends of Truth wine were harvesting her grapes at Zähringer Vineyard close to Freiburg. Wine harvesting is (or is supposed to be) hard work and you need to eat well so Katharina asked me if I wanted to come down and bake bread as an in between snack. Of course I did. I called … Read More

MalinBread Exchange at Friends of Truth Wine Harvest

Why I would not wear high heels for Octoberfest

It took me 10 years in Germany before I dared to take part in the Octoberfest, also called Wiesn. I love to travel to southern Germany (amazing food culture – way broader than beer and sausage). The reason why I didn’t go was actually that I am not too found of beer. Why  I ended up going  after all is … Read More

MalinWhy I would not wear high heels for Octoberfest

Where I like to hide away II

Metohi Kindelis is a almost 400 year old farm which is today turned into 3 very private apartments. Every apartment has its own secret garden with pool and they is absolutely completely private. There are different advantages in every apartment so it all depends on your needs and likings. I choose to stay in the one with the wildest garden since … Read More

MalinWhere I like to hide away II

Where I hide away

In the latest issue of the German Harper’s Bazaar they asked me for my favorite hide away. I answered Metohi Kindelis on Crete. Since the article is not really an article, rather a note, and on top of that it is in German, the upcoming days I thought I give you some pictures from this just stunning place. The House … Read More

MalinWhere I hide away

Harper’s Bazaar September Issue

You know how it is easy to feel a bit torn when someone asks you to share your ABSOLUTE favorite hide away. You know that it might be over with the privacy. You always make sure to share it with the right people. The ones you would not mind meeting on your own journey, and the ones that really are able … Read More

MalinHarper’s Bazaar September Issue

Back in Berlin and hungry for bread

After 4 weeks of chilling in my fridge the sourdough will have to prove itself again. There are alot of strategies around how to treat a sourdough when you go on vacation: Bring it with you (which I normally do)? Dry it and save it somewhere? Freeze it? Or, if you live in Sthlm, let it check in to a … Read More

MalinBack in Berlin and hungry for bread