Craving Brussels

I am on my way to Warsaw. So traveling over Brussels is not really on the way. However, some days you just know that you really need something. Last time I went was end September. Way too long ago.

I did all the classics. Had fish at rue Flandre. Checked the shoe store around the corner and for the first time ever I did not find anything. Good. Went to Margela. Bought the excellent bread from Charlies. And I went to my favorite cheese store to get raw milk butter to bring to Warsaw. It can be a bit of a struggle to get good raw milk butter (like in my home country sweden for example) so I thought I bring my own, just to be safe. It is such a anticlimax to bake a good sourdough and serve it with the wrong butter. And I expect to bake a lot in Warszawa.

MalinCraving Brussels

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