Good Bye NYC

As usual, it is almost painful to leave. I have been eating myself through manhattan and brooklyn. Fell in love with the veggie plate at Fat Radish. I have been meeting amazing people, like Nikki and her cousin at Russ and Daughters. If you have not tried their pickled tomatoes, please do. And loved Spicy eel rolls at Mission Chinese.

I Still did not find a single good sourdough bread in the whole NYC. What is up with that?

Coffee, yes, when it comes to coffee I would say that the Stumptown crew from Portland is still brewing the best filter coffee in the city. Atleast according to my personal taste. You find them next to ACE hotel, who is still offering a great stay in NYC as well. And when you are already almost in midtown I would made sure to visit 32nd street and have the Best Corean Dumplings I tried in NYC. Unfortunetly you will probably not get a free table with short notice and Nomad. But if you have the time, make sure you reserve one.

In brooklyn I loved Five Leaves for Breakfast. My merguez omelette was amazing. And the pancakes my neighbor table looked insane. And if you’re into Pizza, you just have to try Robertas.

The best in between snack I tried was a small Maple bacon sandwich at SMILE to go.  And all the juices made by juice press in East Village and Soho. I think the ginger shots saved me from a cold

Soba-ya in East Village served me the best noodle soup when the weather was getting cold. And Milk&Honey served the perfect cocktail in LES.

I usually have the best corn at Habana, but this time Momofuku rocked the cornfields. And the sweet little sister MILK, is still making the best cookies in town. Together with the cereal milk ice-cream you can not go wrong when you visit the cafe. I heard they mix alcohol into the milkshakes. Is this true?

Met some stunningly creative Ladies, as usual in NYC. Kari Morris makes the best syrups and shakes amazing cocktails. How about preserved Lemon syrup. Or Spicy Ginger Hibiskus? With rum of course. Ira Chernova photographed the roof top chill out that I arranged on the last summer day this year.

Thanks to Nomad and Daniel Humm, Gramercy Park Hotel, Gina from Food and Wine and my dear Friend Kathrin, It was no problem to make the whole trip with my sourdough possible. Thank you all!


Corean Dumplings on 32nd street.


Five Leaves. Great Service too.


The only downside with food testing is that you can’t finish everything you are trying.


If you want to stay in Brooklyn, I would choose to stay at Whyte Hotel.NYC4

Roof top hang out in Brooklyn


Food shoot


Nomad restaurant



Baking at Nomad


Juice press on Mott street.


“SMILE to go” – way more friendly than the actual SMILE cafe.


Pizza at Robertas in Brooklyn


Russ and Daughters. Amazing in every way.


Sorry about all the food talk. I love shopping in NYC, but still, I never knew one single store that I thought was being really outstanding. However, NYC finally seem to have gotten a store worthy itself: Creatures of Comfort. On Mulberry in Soho.


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  1. Federica

    No, I haven’t… and you’ll be shocked to hear that although I lived in the US for exactly 10 years and 1 day, I’ve never been to NYC!!! When I go I will search your archive and write down these places 🙂

    So, you know where I found the BEST pizza ever in the US (okay, consider I haven’t been to Little Italy in NY…)… you know? In downtown Phoenix! It’s called Pizzeria Bianco. It has maybe 20 seats and you have to be prepared to wait 3-4 hours to sit down… of course while sipping down some wine next door, in a typical desert stile one storey American house. I read the place is often features in TV programs, and people travel from CA to eat pizza there (no joke, and I met some…). The owner is a second generation Italian, from NY, who spent time in Italy to learn how to make pizza… If you travel in AZ, worth the wait… (Though I read he has developed an allergy to flour and he does not make the pizza himself anymore 🙁

  2. Federica

    Ugh, how annoying… I had typed a pretty lengthy comment to say that the best pizza I have ever found in the US is actually in downtown Phoenix. The comment went lost. (Sometimes it’s not easy topost in this website… system seems to be a bit unreliable) It’s called Pizzeria Bianco and was found by a 2nd generation Italian from NYC who went to Italy how to make the pizza dough… I read now in Wikipedia that the place has changed location. I was there in its original location, in downtown Phoenix, when it had maybe 20 seats and you’d have to wait 3-4 hours in line to sit down. Waiting next door while sipping wine, actually. Not a bad concept…

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