I did it!

Everything worked out. 31 Breads were delivered. And the Daily Newspaper BZ wrote that “Great Modern Art is easier to find in Berlin than Good Bread”. I could not agree more.

When Karen Boros could not find good bread to go with her soup she turned creative and asked me to trade as many Breads as I could possibly make (I said I could make 30, even though I never managed more than 15 before. You got to break your limits to reach for the stars, remember?). The rest of the Bread she ordered from Bamberg.

Thank you for your support Karen!


the pictures of me is taken by Matthias Gebauer. Tack!

MalinI did it!

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  1. Laura K.

    I am really curious – what flavor is the dark bread? or what is it that makes it that dark color? I have never seen bread like that before!

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