I say Thank You!

Thank you for making my birthday amazing.

We spend it over the rooftops and even the sun that has been gone for weeks decided to show up. Thanks again!

Laura made my birthday cake. It contained everything I wished for: Baise, Rhubarb, Strawberries, White Chocolate and Tonka beans. A real love cake.

Matthias made a huge roast beef that went perfect with my goat cheese spread.


Me, I have mainly baked tons of bread (and we finished all 12 in one afternoon!). I also made a spread with raindeer meet and norwegan cheese. I topped it with thyme and lingonberries.photo 3

I also made a chocolate cake. As the cake did not really look like I wanted it to look I decided to go all the way after the more-is-more principal. Luckily I had some cake decoration from the last time I visited the middle east. And yes, BAM there it was; A new M-I-M cake was born.


MalinI say Thank You!

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