Last day of trading in Santa Rosa

Today is my last day in Santa Rosa.

It has been a very interesting trip. So many lovely people. The Farmers Black Market has opened up completely and traded with me. I have received home made chutney out of figs and pear. Fresh Figs, and Grapes. I got to pick as much rosemary and sage as I wanted in Lauras garden in Kenwood. I even traded home Chevre, made out of raw goats milk. Appearently the raw milk cheese and the raw milk butter is illegal over here (tragic! the raw stuff are the best…). Luckily you can get the raw cheese on the black market.

Thanks to Liza from Spinsters Sisters I was able to use Mayas oven at the Down Town Bakery in Healdsburg. It was probably the coolest oven I ever used. She let me play around completely.

I am going back to the bakery today again. I will make rosemary bread from Lauras garden for you. Let meek now if you want to trade with me. Id trade my bread for anything that can inspire me. Or something you have made that you are good at. I would love to try so good local wine. Or anything that is preserved and possible to bring to SF. Bacon would be a nice trade.

Or, my secret dream trade, the possibility to go horseback riding while I am here!






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MalinLast day of trading in Santa Rosa

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  1. emi love

    Hey! About 15 minutes south of santa rosa is Petaluma where we live. My husband and I, and Lisa who owns a farm down the way … with a horse! She just got her so I’m not sure if she’d be up for anyone else riding her at this point but might be worth asking or at the very least a visit. Her farm is pretty cool.


  2. Elmlid

    Yeay!!! Would love to come!! If you want to ask your friend Lisa if we can come by too? I will see if I may use the oven in the morning and then I could come by on our way back to SF.
    Thank you!!!

  3. Sharyn Dimmick

    Hi Malin,
    I hope you get your horseback ride! And I hope to see you soon in Kensington. We don’t grow much because we live in the fog zone and have a lot of trees, but we can offer you as many fresh bay leaves as you want, some homegrown Meyer lemons from our tree, a post about you on my blog “The Kale Chronicles” and a music CD, plus a book or two to take with you on the road. Let me know when to expect you.

    1. Elmlid

      Dear Sharyn, I would LOVE to trade some Meyer Lemons!!! I had them for the first time in June on a pancake and it was amazing. Please let me know what is the best way for you to trade. I am going to bake the bread in Healsburg now. Then driving back to Santa Rosa.

  4. emi love

    Ok Malin. So Lisa’s farm is open tomorrow afternoon and she’d love to meet you. Are you still interested in popping in tomorrow? If so, what time and I can see if I can make it out there to meet you too :)

    1. Elmlid

      Hi Emi and Sharyn,
      I am off to bake now and will then, in about 1,5 hour) drive down south to SF.
      If I should come by, please send me a text or mail with you address and phone number. You reach me at or (347)6051866

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