More Matcha Bread is coming up tomorrow

It is fun to see all the unexpected paths that this project brings me on.

Tomorrow I have a really interesting trade. Bread for a voice lesson.

I am really excited about this since I have not really been singing since I moved to Berlin 14 years ago (apart from some charity choir tours at retirement homes in the holiday season with the Swedish Lucia choir. But that is almost 10 years ago now and not anything I talk about really). Writing songs and playing the guitar was my fuel as teenager until I moved to the electronic driven Berlin. With Berlin it all just disappeared. I am curious if the voice have changed over the years. It used to be fairly dark and my guitar is still tuned one octavo lower.

I will bake another round of Matcha with white chocolate tomorrow. Write me a mail, or comment here, if you like to trade with me in Prenzlauer Berg on Thursday afternoon.


Feel free to send me more of your matcha thoughts (or even better, just comment here since I am sure I am not the only one interested)

This is Sasha’s thoughts from Yesterday:

Korea taught me that matcha is welcome in more dishes than not – from matcha ice cream with whiskey and dried plum to matcha noodles. I actually even bathed in green tea in Korea!

Regarding smoothies, a favourite of mine is with almond milk, mango (either fresh or frozen), a frozen banana, matcha and, when one needs even more green, a handful of greens (spinach, kale, swiss chard, as you like).



MalinMore Matcha Bread is coming up tomorrow

4 Comments on “More Matcha Bread is coming up tomorrow”

    1. Elmlid

      Hast du vollkomm recht Lara. You are also the first one to comment here on the blog (not on facebook) so The bread is yours!
      Bin in Pberg bis so 13.30. Dannach mitte oder pberg. Gut?

  1. Lara Maria

    Ja super, Mitte wäre perfekt. So 15.00Uhr? Irgendwo um den Hackeschen. Ohh freuuue mich sehr. Darf ich dich im Gegentausch zu einem Matcha-Latte bei mir Zuhause zum Frühstück einladen?

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