Midsommar by Conrad



My friend Conrad and I were cooking together for midsummer this year. Conrad was cooking easy loving dishes like grilled chicken and shrimp ceviche. I was staying traditional and was planning to make dishes out of the 7 kg Matjes Herring that we had bought.

My plan looked like this:

If we put the grilled chicken and the shrimps ceviche on the table from the beginning noone will be eating the herring.  We are not in Sweden after all and people might not feel forced to eat herring only due to traditions.

Therefore I thought the best idea was first to serve only herring and hide away all of Conrads yummy dishes. People would think: “This is all we get to eat today so we better eat it”.

Conrad was kind enough to tell this story in an honest welcome speech to out guest.

But the strategy it worked. All herring cake was finished so I have decided to see it as a success.


Around 3.30 am we went out into the night to pick our 7 flowers and jump our 7 fences to put under our pillows to dream about the men that would get to marry us ladies (and the lady that would be lucky enough to get Conrad).

Unfortunately I did not manage to keep my mouth shut so I probably ruined the spell by laughing my way through the night. Once again noone of us dreamt about anything.

Or wait, Conrad did remember. But he only dreamt about his newly bought white carpet that some spilled a bottle of red wine on one night.


MalinMidsommar by Conrad

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