Moody Sourdough in SF

I have a bit of a hard time to get things started with my sourdough here in San Francisco. One would think it should love to come “Home”. As we know, San Francisco IS Home of the Sourdoughs.

But no. Not my sourdough apparently.

Instead I have experienced slow growth in my  doughs since I got here. Maybe the sourdough is just too used to being the center of attention? Normally it makes my favorite bread but since we arrive here I have not had the same need to bake.

All I want to eat is bread from Tartine Bakery.

According to me, this is where you can buy the best Bread in the World right now. Me and Katrin were making loud sounds while we ate the bread out of the bag as soon as we get into the kitchen (this was a lie, we finished half the loaf on the street on our way to the dinner party where we were invited on Saturday).

At the same time, there are many things to get used to: Soft Water, Colder climate. And to get back to normal after being baked with every day along the West Coast -in the trunk of my car- I can understand that the sourdough must be a bit shaky. Maybe I should not be to hard on my fellow companion.

I will let you know how things are developing.

And You let me know if you like to Trade bread with me the upcoming week!


MalinMoody Sourdough in SF

2 Comments on “Moody Sourdough in SF”

  1. Laura K.

    Yes I would still love to trade! I can drive to San Fran when your sourdough is feeling up to baking again! :)

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