Northern California

I find it hard to imagine going to San Francisco and NOT go up north. After only one hour in the car you end up in the food mecca of America. I was not aware of this before I had been there myself.

I spend 7 days in Sonoma and Marin County but I do not even feel like I scratched the surface for what region has to offer. And still, I feel like there is so much to tell that I do not know where to start. Interesting producers and beautiful landscapes. Great restaurants and just as good down to earth people.

During my trip I had to travel north twice. First to Santa Rosa and Healdsburg. Simple, grounded and good. I met up with underground food networks that trade the best they have to offer for anything except money.

On my second trip I went to Sonoma to try the wines of Scribe. I drove down to the coast and ended up staying longer than expected in the Tomales Bay. It is soon the only un-touched national park on the Western Coast of the United States.  The area is known for its Oysters and cheese production. And, the crab season had just opened.

When I think back on all the things I got to do in California, most of the time North of San Francisco is what first comes to my mind.


Kehoe Beach, Tomales bay.


Bodega Bay.Nocal3

MalinNorthern California

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