Parisian Rooftops

After landing in Paris I had afternoon Coffee with my friend Saskia in Pigalle. I had brought her Sourdough bread and figs marmalade. We ate it with mashed avocado, lemon and chili. So simple. But still just as good.

I love to look out over the rooftops in Paris. Well, I love old rooftops everywhere. They make a nice grafic. The prettiest rooftops I saw in Marburg, a German town saved from second world war distruction. They rooftops in Marburg were perfectly colored in different terracotta tones and as the sun went down that February day the town was glittering.

In the 70′s Marimekko made a print with roof-top-grafics in these colors. My grandma made me a blind curtain in this fabric for my guestbedroom. The nordic summer night sun where still strong at 11pm so the terracotta colors in the print was really glowing from the light outside. I fell a sleep by looking at it. Can you imagine?

Anyhow, the colors of the Parisian rooftops are different. But still magic. I will fall a sleep looking at them tonight.


MalinParisian Rooftops

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