Sourdough Survival Story 1

You could say that my Sourdough is a pretty important asset in my project. Thousands of stories are captured in that little smelly jar. When I go on longer trips I usually leave a small jar of my sourdough at a friends place. I just can not take the risk that it will die.

Everyone with a sourdough knows that the sourdough can give up on you one day. You catch a bad flour somewhere. You happen to use a jar that is not clean (or worse, still has dish soap in it).

The most unexpected things can happen. Like that your fridge breaks down (this happened to me 2011). I returned and the sourdough had not survived the 2 weeks in the warm climate. Mold is not a great companion for your sourdough. Luckily I had 2 fridges (one for kim chi and sourdough and one for normal not smelly stuff) and the sourdough was in both fridges, for maximum protection.

So, how to you keep it alive if you, like me, are on the road most of the time? Actually, it is not so hard. Just put it to sleep in your fridge. Cold does not harm it at all. It just takes a bit longer to wake it up again when you return.


IF you end up with a moldy sourdough – stay calm. ¬†Since nowadays nothing should be spoiled I have, in my book, added a recipe to what the polish people cook out of a moldy sourdough. Zurek soup. Shared by the American/Polish political journalist and Pulitzer prize winner Anne Applebaum. You won’t believe me, but it is for sure one of the best dishes I ever tasted.

MalinSourdough Survival Story 1

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