Summer in Stockholm

If I have should have one travel tip for you this summer it will be Stockholm. Of course I am biased, that is true. But lets put it this way; Right now is the best time ever to visit Stockholm.

The reason is the weather.  And actually the Swedish people.

It hit me on the same day as I arrived. I was stopped in a café by a 50+ woman telling me that “I looked great”.

Let me tell you, This does not happen very often up here. People stick to them selves. And you do not start chatting with strangers because maybe someone will think you are gay, or – nightmare- that you do not have friends.

Then I took the subway, and another woman stopped me at the door telling me that “my dress was fab”. I thought to myself as I left the tube, “Suck it in lady, this will not happen to you any time soon”.

But it did. The 2nd day women stopped me on the street 4 times, giving me complements about outfits, shoes or even my smile.

I was wondering what was going on. Had the often so cold Stockholm changed? And why? After discussions with my friends we came up with that it simply has to be the combination of a mad eufori about the summer that finally arrived, combined with that the economic situation is fairly good after all.

The last 2 summers where pretty crappy up here. I know, it was crappy at a lot of places in Europe but imagine living in a part of the world where half of the year is not only cold but also DARK. We do not only enjoy summer, we are completely depending on getting an overload of summer sun to fuel our poor souls to even be able to SURVIVE the winter. That is how important the 2,5 summer months are to us up here.

Remember in April when the leaves had still not opened up? The weather was starting to get better and we all knew it was matter of days until spring would truly arrive with its beautiful leaves. The trees of Berlin seemed to be holding back an explosion. The branches were shivering out of tension. They had been holding their breath for too long due to the bad weather.

This is what Swedish people have been doing too. 2 Summers of crappy weather meant hard work, successful projects and placing yourself on the worldmap as a creative little food mecca in the north. But now, after two years of holding back, people have exploded.

And this is why you should get up here in August. Because the city will be jammed with relaxed and happy people. And the city is full of inspiring food spots. Add on the water, and the ability to jump into it almost everywhere in the city I can not think of a better place to be right now.


Did anyone else make this experience?




This picture was from last year. Taken by Fredrik Skogkvist. It was a bit more chilly then.


A good site to get help with your Stockholm travels is the homepage of Visit Sweden. It is the official Swedish tourist site and you wont risk to get tricked by sponsored stories.

MalinSummer in Stockholm

4 Comments on “Summer in Stockholm”

  1. stephanie

    don’t hesitate to consider….. despite the generosity of the blossomed swedish people, it might have been your beautiful soul that was shining through in every aspect of your radiant appearance!
    no compliment, but the simple truth sweet lady ;)

    besides: beautiful article!

    enjoy your stay malin!

  2. Sasha

    You have me totally convinced; I only wish that I could visit Stockholm this summer! Eat some extra fresh shrimp for me, please. x

  3. Marleen

    Last week I went to C O P E N H A G E N. It wasnt planned at all. I woke up and decided to go there. 2 days later I felt like be in a movie. I travelled first time by my own, booked first time a flat via air bnb and it was P E R F E C T.
    people, city, weather, food, museums, flat, coffee.
    On the first day I went to small job and bought a dress, because of the surprising hot weather. (yes, it was from reduced 1200 to 500dkk) fits perfect and a few people asked me where I bought it.
    The worst thing of my dreamjourney was the fact that I had to go back to Hamburg after 4 days of happiness.

    SOMMER, i love you.
    Küsse zu dir, Malin.

    P.S. check my blog next days. I found some really nice bread places!

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