the Bread Exchange in French

The Bread Exchange in Berlin. As Bobo as it gets. I like it. This is the film about the Bread Exchange on French Canal +. I do not understand the synchronization at all but it does sound funny.  It almost look better in French, don’t you think? I like the fact that David in the movie does speak French (he is … Read More

Malinthe Bread Exchange in French

the Bread Exchange in Loved Mag

I just found the Bread Exchange in the list of things to LOVE in the latest food issue of Loved magazine Thank You for your kind story! You can read the issue online here

Malinthe Bread Exchange in Loved Mag

Hurra! Blog

Almost 2 years ago did Eva and Roman a small film blog post about food. Among other things they came to my home and talked about bread and the Bread Exchange. The Hurra! film about the Bread Exchange is in German.

MalinHurra! Blog

Bread Exchange on Canal+

Today at 3.00pm on French Canal Plus Alexandra Leroux’ show Les Nouveaux Explorateurs is visiting Berlin and my home. We will talk about Bread Exchange and I will try to compress a 24 hour baking process into a few minutes time. Check out the preview here—> Thank You Alex and Manon for visiting, and Thank You Chrischa, David and Nancy for … Read More

MalinBread Exchange on Canal+

SZ Magazin Thema Brot

Todays Magazin from SZ is focusing on Bread. Great I think. They are also presenting two of my role models: Chad Robertson, baker at Tartine and Mathias Dahlgren, chef at Grand Hotel. Cool, these guys changes the world and their philosophies are worth spreading. I am very happy that SZ are doing a special about something so simple and intimate as Bread. … Read More

MalinSZ Magazin Thema Brot