Tel Aviv is in the house

I was not aware how poetic the Hebrew language is. Did you know that the words Sadness – עצב- and Create/design-לעצב- has the same word stem? I think that is a beautiful thought. And so true. There is a limitation to creativity if you are lacking the pain.


I have a friend from Israel visiting me here in Berlin. She brought me salt!

With a sourdough that was started in the Sinai desert and with Salt from the Red sea, this means I will be trading a  storytelling bread in the upcoming days

I will keep it pure: Flour, Water and Salt.

Let me know if I should bake an extra loaf for you!


The images are from my horse back riding trip to the Sinai desert. Here, under the start, is also where I started my sourdough. The one I still bake bread of today.



MalinTel Aviv is in the house

4 Comments on “Tel Aviv is in the house”

  1. Gianna

    Dear Malin,
    I’d love to trade a loaf of bread and could offer to bring along selfmade crunchy nut granola, if you like that?

  2. Elmlid

    Gianna, I’d love to try your Granola! I am baking for the art week today so I have no more bread left, but maybe this weekend or in the beginning of next week?

  3. Gianna

    Both, weekend or beginning of next week (I’m in Berlin until wednesday) are fine with me. Just let me know (perhaps best via email) when & where and we can exchange bread for granola :) Looking forward to it!

  4. Brooke

    Hi, I’d love to trade a loaf of bread with you. I have some homemade Chinese salted eggs (it’s a 30-40 day process). They have a wonderful exotic flavour due to the spices and chinese wines used in the process.

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