The Breakfast

You might have noticed by now that to me Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I could starve all day but if I do not get my breakfast I am screwed.

So, I tend to pick hotels after their ability to make a proper breakfast.

At Rösler haus in Fischbachau I experienced the most overwhelming breakfast of all time. They offered me any kind of egg dish but the already set brunch was too good so I skipped my regular scrambled egg breakfast and enjoyed the Ladies selection.

  1. I ended up baking at Rösler Haus all 4 nights that I stayed there. Amely is cutting the first loaf.
  2. I never liked Kompotts before. But these were amazing. Every evening when I got back from the hike up the mountain the house was filled with the smell of fresh jams. The Kompotts were made fresh.
  3. Chilling eating my breakfast. This is the most relaxed time of my day.
  4. Stillebens. Got to be impressed by their stillebens.
  5. What would you like for Breakfast Christine asked. Veggies I answered. This was the bowl on my breakfast table the next morning.
  6. Amely’s Butter.


MalinThe Breakfast

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