The Mulberry Bread

Bread Exchange is baking again and I can not wait to introduce the new member of my Sourdough family:

The Bread of Mulberry. I expect it to be the most fashionable bread since the Dior Shaded Bread was introduced in December 2010.

It is baked with Mulberries, Water, Organic Wheat Flour and, of course, Brittish Sea Salt.

Let me know if you want it.


I am baking every day until Friday so feel free to send an email to and we can arrange a place and time to meet.


MalinThe Mulberry Bread

3 Comments on “The Mulberry Bread”

  1. Frauke

    Oh, what a fantastic new sort! too bad I missed this round, it sounds delicious and exotic. Welcome back, and thank you for all the wonderful tales and pictures!

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