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This morning my friend Sarah brought me a box of Mangos from Pakistan. You know these really sweet and tasty ones that are flown in directly and therefore has the freshest taste as if you we eating them on a blanket under the tree they were picked from. Her father had send them to her, and one box she shared with me for a bread.

I could not finish them all so I brought one to Shantanu with whom I am trading this week. Shantanu deserves his own post actually.

I heard of him half a year ago and we started an email conversation. He is now in Germany and has been travelling the world without spending a penny for the last 14 month. He gets around completely through trading his photography work for a bed, a meal or a flight. Just like me, what keeps him going is not the trades that he gets but the people he meets. I am thankful that his path crossed mine. If you see that you can offer him something, do it, it is an inspiring man and a beautiful project. He is now in Berlin but will head south soon. Take a look at his work here–> The Pixel Trade.


Picture by Shantanu Starick

MalinThe Pixel Trade

3 Comments on “The Pixel Trade”

  1. Sasha

    So lucky! Pakistani mangoes are the best I’ve ever had. And also great to discover a project that works in a similar spirit as the Bread Exchange.

    xox from Korea

    P.S. I have some freshly harvested sea salt from Korea for you

  2. Elmlid

    Oh, Thank You Sasha! I hope Korea is treating you well!
    Yes, it has been really inspiring to get to talk to Shantanu about his project. It is a bit like meeting a brother. I never really urged being able to share the philosophy behind it all but when I now met someone that is acting in the same manner it somehow gave me a really calm feel to talk about it. You know what I mean?

  3. Elmlid

    Oh, btw, Thanks to everyone that wrote to Shantanu after reading this post! He told me about some of the mails he got through the bread exchange and it made me so so happy. Funny enough most mails did not come from Germany, but rather from all over the world. Thanks to you he is soon off to Dublin!

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