Wine harvest – Behind the Scenes

On instagram and blogs things tend to look perfect. The plates are  filled. Tables are  surrounded with friends. Strawberries are incredibly red. And kids smile or make funny faces.  And the sun is shining.

When we did the Friends of Truth wine harvest in Baden the sun was shining about 1,2 hours. Not much. During this short time we faught to get pics which resulted in the sunny-side post that you saw here the other day.  During these  hour  we were running like crazy to get all images ready. Drying off the rain from the tables.

The rest of the time we were trying to protect the food (and the photographer Olaf Deharde) from rain. And we were drinking wine and fooling around. Here are the somewhat more realistic behind the scene pictures.


I have been baking 4 breads for you to trade today. I have 2 Dior Shaded Sourdough bread and 2 simple white sourdoughs with grape seed floured crust.

Comment or email if you like to trade with me.


BE-1003117 BE-1003129

IMG_9884 IMG_9891 IMG_9898

I had been picking wild herbs on the field  in Schwäbisch Alb to use in the salad.IMG_9902 IMG_9904

Energy break in between. Wine from Zähringer.IMG_9906 IMG_9908

Sun is coming out.

IMG_9934 IMG_9936 IMG_9942 IMG_9952 Marie3IMG_9965 IMG_9970-2 IMG_9975

And here are the people that were actually harvesting grapes this day.


MalinWine harvest – Behind the Scenes

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