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It is still 2013, and I am having Christmas holiday in Sweden.
We have no snow this year, but are in a good mood still.
Before I get too excited about 2014 I send you a looking-back-letter on the year that soon has passed.

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This year was all about the BOOK. Collecting, Capturing and Writing the story of THE BREAD EXCHANGE.

The making of this book has been way more work than I had expected, but it has been worth it.

There has been a lot of travels to collect stories and inspiration from members of the Bread Exchange Network around the world to put it all together into 11 stories over 240 pages. I have never had more fun. Thank You all for helping out!

Since the whole project is about trading, I decided to trade any external work. I have traded photography, illustrations, recipes, stories, hotel nights, dinners you name it. It has been a lot of coordination but in the end over 300 people has been involved. Therefore everything has taken longer, but the result is way more authentic than if I would have just paid one professional photographer. And, again, it has been way more fun!

The book will be published in the US and Europe in Fall 2014 but I can take order on the book in beginning of next year.

I have received great offer on help to test recipes for the book. Hundreds of mail answers and I am still working myself through them. As I asked you for your taste and wishes, it ended up being a lot of work to coordinate suitable recipes so please do not be mad at me for being behind on replying on mails. I will!!

Looking back – 2013

The Journey started off in the south of Germany, at the beautiful Rösler Haus on the boarder to Austria. I spend weeks in this several hundred year old house, writing. One sunday morning my mother and I, together with south German followers from Bread Exchange, invited some friends over for Brunch.
(image by Yorick Carroux)

In February I went to Warzaw to learn more about Polish Dumplings and Soups. If I should give you one tip on a food direction to explore it would be SOUR POLISH SOUPS. Check out this amazing cold red beet soup!

And when we are on the subject Poland, lets continue, since Poland this year been probably the most active readergroup on my blog. I think there is something special about bread in Poland and polish people really like to enjoy food. In August I traded black charcoal bread with Polish illustrators visiting Berlin. The bread was made to eat – and to draw with.

In March, together with the Spring and the New Year, I went to Kabul. I could never had imagined what was waiting for me and I am glad that I was able to go. As a western woman I did not know how much I would be able to take part in. I wanted to get in contact with the local women. But the bread proved to be a door opener, in Kabul – just as it has been in Europe. Looking back this was one of the most incredible journeys I ever done.

You can read a part of the story on my blog.
(image by Farzana Wihady)

From Kabul, I received this beautiful hand carved Bread Shovel from Shoib and Massuma. On the back side the text THE BREAD EXCHANGE is carved in Dari.
(image Shantanu Starick)

The Bread Exchange spend almost a month in Sweden, who showed its best side ever.

In June I went baking on Crete where I found this stunning hideaway. It was so special that I shared it with Harpers Bazaar.

In september this year I traded bread with Aesop for their store opening in Berlin. They have been following Bread Exchange for some time and it was nice to be part!

In October the Bread Exchange book was presented in Frankfurt for the Book fair. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that there will be translations of my book but as for now it looks like we might see it translated to German, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and Russian. So happy about that!!

Also in October I united with the Friends of Truth Network to make Wine and Bread in the South German wine region Baden. Thank you all for this beautiful Afternoon!
(image Olaf Deharde)

In November I did some serious bread baking and sharing in Morocco. I Traded my bread with two just stunning riads - El Cadi and Ana Yela.
In Marrakech I taught, and learned, for a week. This is a little bread movie by David from the Swedish blog Green Kitchen Stories.

During this year I was also introduced to Shantanu, the first person I met that is doing a similar thing to myself – trading. Shantanu has been trading his photography work for my bread throughout the year.

Press 2013

There were some nice stories written about the Bread Exchange this year.

The Cherry Bombe was a real favorite of mine.
Elle Germany, put the Bread Exchange Bread on their top 10 list of things in Berlin
Berliner Stil, The book by Angelika Taschen and Alexa von Heydn
Traffic Magazine, If you read German, this is a nice story.
Harpers Bazaar, Just a small note, but of course I was happy about it!
Exclama Magazine, A Colombian web magazine which resulted in an invitation to Bogota next year!
Wysokie Obcasy, the Polish Weekly magazine.
SMAK, a really beautiful Polish food magazine worth checking out
WELT am Sonntag, a great story on German Bread

The facebook page is growing and has now 2168 followers! Danke!
In case you are only part of the bread exchange group, and would like to get updates and info on my trades, please join the PAGE.

(image by Mirjam Wählen)

Upcoming Bread Exchange journeys in 2014:
I am really excited about the journeys to South America (which will be my first!). In March I am invited by the business school in Bogota to speak about the Bread Exchange. Any tips or connection to this trip is highly appreciated!

There will be a journey to Nicaragua and I’d be happy to bake for you there if you are around. If you plan to be there, or happen to know of good places to bake, feel free to drop me a line!

There will also be some trips to both the east and the west coast of the US, and possibly also the Midwest andOhio. There will be NYCLA and San Francisco for sure. Luckily, my sourdough is taken care of in NYC so I am not forced to smuggling it over the boarder again.

I am expecting that there will be some trading journeys to Sweden as well as Belgium. After the making of my book I owe bread to a couple of artists in Belgium and I’d be happy to connect it with some more meetings!

The Bread Exchanges are still baking in Berlin. If you are not able to take part in the trades that I post on my blog or on facebook, send me a mail, and we can try to set up something.

This is it for now. But, as usual, I am open to trade journeys anywhere in there world. Feel free to drop me a line if you have an idea on how to make something possible!

Until then, have a great winter season!


ps. I am still on the search for someone that like to trade bread for horseback riding. I would of course bring knäckebrot for the horse too!

(Illustration by Kheira Linder)

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