Year of the Horse,

the Chinese say.

I made sure to ride in the Year well.

So well that I was suffering from a week of blisters.

There are not many things I explicitly wish for in exchange for Bread. It is way more interesting to let things come as they do. However, I often get asked what I would like to trade.

A Horse is one thing. Or, it was probably my first wish in this project. Your Horse for my bread.


The wish actually did come true once in Münich 2011. Anna from Goldberg studio let me ride her beautiful Hannoveraner in exchange for a loaf of my Black bread which I baked in the basement of Bar Centrale.

Oh, and actually, I had another Horse trade offer recently. This one came from Dettighofen (on the Swiss boarder in the south west corner of Germany) and Christina who has her horse at Gutshof Albführen.

I already stayed there once when I was travelling for work. It is a beautiful estate where you also can stay overnight and have a good German meal before you go to sleep. My favorite room is the single room in the attic since it has an old heavy wooden bed 90 cm wide.







MalinYear of the Horse,

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