Sourdough Survival Story 2

As you know, I usually bring my sourdough when I travel. It is a risky thing to do so I try to keep a back up at my home in Berlin. But to be on the super safe side I also have my sourdough  saved with a couple of reliable people around the planet; NYC, Kabul, Nürnberg and Möglingen close to Stuttgart. In case I am in need, Someone would be able to send me a little envelope with a teaspoon of Sourdough Starter.

However, today I learned that this is really not needed.


As I arrived in Nürnberg I realized that Alex had not fed the sourdough one single time in 9 weeks. He was feeling really guilty about it. But I can not blame him, I am the same with flowers and noone would ever get the idea to leave a living plant with me.

It was an excellent opportunity to test my thesis that one should not spoil the sourdough. I threw out the fluid on top of the sourdough and added some new luikwarm water and wheat flour. Then I let it rest on the radiator for 5 hours. One little bubble had showed up on the surface. That was a good sign. I threw out about half of the sourdough,  added more water and flour and put it next to the radiator over night (I did not want to risk to kill it with heat). This morning the thesis has proved to be right, the sourdough is still alive! It will still need some rounds of new flour until it will be ready for baking, but it is for sure some life in there.

I would say that a sourdough is a bit like a kid; Don’t give it too much attention  (and don’t talk about it excessively when you are with people that don’t have a Sourdough of their own). And I have written it  before – to give up your sourdough to a Sourdough Hotel is really not necessary.



MalinSourdough Survival Story 2

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