Bread Exchange goes Matcha

I really like coffee. But I have reached a point where I have to admit that I can not really call my coffee drinking a procedure of enjoyment anymore. It is rather a simple habit. I am a fairly average Swedish coffee drinker. Which means I drink up to 5 cups of coffee a day. Preferably not the light American … Read More

MalinBread Exchange goes Matcha

Mainheim – A beautiful work space

Working hard on the Swedish translation here in Nürnberg. Fleissig. It is good to get out of the city from time to time. I spend a lot of time in Nürnberg, where my BF is working. Found a beautiful cafe around the corner of the new Apartment, Cafe Mainheim. I think I will spend a lot of time here. Soon … Read More

MalinMainheim – A beautiful work space

Food for Champions

In 1521, when Sweden during a short period was ruled by Danes, a young Swedish man named Gustav Vasa tried to motivate people to fight for the Swedish Kingdom and kick out the Danish king, known under the name Kristian Tyrann. Gustav had no troops so he went up to  the north part of Sweden (read middle) called Dalarna since … Read More

MalinFood for Champions

Nice People and Deutsche Welle

Yesterday there was a really nice article about Trading in Berlin on  DEUTSCHE WELLE. It is nice to see that the idea of trading is popping up everywhere. Deutsch Welle is a Germany’s International Broadcaster with News in English. I was interviewed about The Bread Exchange there almost 2 years ago. You find that story here. The journalist behind the … Read More

MalinNice People and Deutsche Welle

Pantone7405 Bread for your Pantone Guide?

Would anyone in Berlin be up for letting me borrow their Pantone guide for a couple of days? I’ll bake you a bread in pantone color 7405 in exchange. Currently we are making the design of the book cover and choosing accent colors. There is a lot of swatches sending over mail from San Francisco. It is tricky since you … Read More

MalinPantone7405 Bread for your Pantone Guide?

Cherry Bombe

In the latest edition of Cherry Bombe there was a story about THE BREAD EXCHANGE which I liked very much. Here you can see the article Cherry BOmbe-TheBreadExchange. Images by Alanna Hale and Text by Stefanie de la Cava. I told you about this magazine before.But it is really one of my favorites (together with the Swedish magazine HUNGER which I read through immediately) … Read More

MalinCherry Bombe

Year of the Horse,

the Chinese say. I made sure to ride in the Year well. So well that I was suffering from a week of blisters. There are not many things I explicitly wish for in exchange for Bread. It is way more interesting to let things come as they do. However, I often get asked what I would like to trade. A … Read More

MalinYear of the Horse,

Winter Newsletter

It is still 2013, and I am having Christmas holiday in Sweden. We have no snow this year, but are in a good mood still. Before I get too excited about 2014 I send you a looking-back-letter on the year that soon has passed. If you signed up for the Bread Exchange Newsletter you received this directly in your mailbox. … Read More

MalinWinter Newsletter


I used to read tons of blogs. Nowadays I just don’t. Especially I cut down on food blogs as they ether made me full or unhealthy hungry. Working with food already I always need to keep a healthy balance. Also interior blogs has become less inspiring to me. The less time I have the more I rather focus on my … Read More


Bread Exchange wishes for December

I will be trading some bread in December. There will be some winter sweet versions with saffron (I traded a HUGE amount of Iranian Saffron from a german quality snaps producer in october) but also some simple ones since these are my personal favorite. I would love to trade my bread for anything you have that is special (food wise) … Read More

MalinBread Exchange wishes for December