Bread Exchange x Design Hotels

  It is not the first time that I am trading Bread with Design Hotels (Hall 9, Stand 312). Their former director of consumer marketing was bartering with me already 2011, long before any other company approached me. This time I was not baking for the Design Hotels team, but for their guests. It was interesting to discuss my concept … Read More

MalinBread Exchange x Design Hotels

Bread Exchange at ITB

Today is ITB starting in Berlin. It’s been around since 1966 and is the largest tourist fair in the world. So there will be a lot of people in town. Which means that I will be baking like crazy. Today I am supporting Design Hotels and baking for their invited guests. It would be great to see you at the … Read More

MalinBread Exchange at ITB


Berlin these days is what you in German language would call Arschkallt. Shit cold. I am so called lucky to sit with a sharp deadline to turn in the Layout of my book. I get to stay inside. To bake bread in the winter has the great advantage that my apartment practically always feels a bit tropical. Right now the oven is on … Read More


Winter Newsletter

It is still 2013, and I am having Christmas holiday in Sweden. We have no snow this year, but are in a good mood still. Before I get too excited about 2014 I send you a looking-back-letter on the year that soon has passed. If you signed up for the Bread Exchange Newsletter you received this directly in your mailbox. … Read More

MalinWinter Newsletter

Martin Bundock and TT Testar

The other week I was traveling to Stockholm. It feels like new great spots are poping up with a high speed and I always need to make a new research before every trip (even though I tend to go every third month or so). The first person I ask is Martin Bundock. Martin always knows practically everything new in the … Read More

MalinMartin Bundock and TT Testar

Charcoal bread for Polish Illustrators

This Weekend starts Illustrative Festival in Berlin. On saturday is the Polish day and the Illo foundation from Warsaw asked me if I would like to trade some  of my charcoal bread so they could to serve it to you at their exhibition. A perfect match that I never thought of myself. If you are not up to date of … Read More

MalinCharcoal bread for Polish Illustrators

I went down at 1 and up at 5

I have been baking for Nike. And for you. Come and eat my Bread with butter and Bergkäs at VOO today, Oranienstrasse 24. Be early if you are hungry. I will be there from 11-13. I’ll be drinking a lot of coffee, and I’d be happy to see you. (btw. Shantanu from Pixeltrade will be there too) BRUNCH NIKE AIR … Read More

MalinI went down at 1 and up at 5

Midsommar by Conrad

My friend Conrad and I were cooking together for midsummer this year. Conrad was cooking easy loving dishes like grilled chicken and shrimp ceviche. I was staying traditional and was planning to make dishes out of the 7 kg Matjes Herring that we had bought. My plan looked like this: If we put the grilled chicken and the shrimps ceviche … Read More

MalinMidsommar by Conrad

Nicest Bread Boxes!

Thanks to everyone that showed up on Saturday for MY KILOS presentation at Studio Cherie! And a large thank you to Daniel and Philipp for trading their great Bread Boxes with me. I will for sure have good use for them! Did you have a look at the STECKDOSEN and the lamp construction in the back of the room? I … Read More

MalinNicest Bread Boxes!

Bread Exchange at MY KILOS

Tomorrow I am trading Bread with the design team from 45 KILO. They will serve the bread at their opening presentation of the new label MY KILO at Studio Cherie. Since it is my birthday on sunday I will double celebrate! RSVP and I see you there!

MalinBread Exchange at MY KILOS