Bread Baking in Marrakech

As usual I have been hunting for a bakery oven to use. Just like in Kabul, this was no problem at all. Here in Morocco, the local bakery is run by men and the families are bringing their dough to be baked. Every family has their personal cloth so they know which pile of bread they are to pick up when the baking is done.

Just around the corner from my Riad is one of these bakery. Yesterday I wanted to bake before breakfast so I woke up early (5.30 am) and walked (still halfway asleep through the dark streets. Only cats met me on the way. As I arrived at the bakery I only met a closed door. I can’t believe I am waking up before the bakers.

I like their attitude. No more early mornings 🙂 In Marrakech the bakeries open at 10.30.

The other night, however, the bakery was open.



Oven5Oven2    Oven3

All Images by Shantanu Starick



MalinBread Baking in Marrakech

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