Bread for Horse

Yesterday, just before I left the Wine Country for San Francisco, I got a mail from a girl named Emi. She had read on my blog that I wanted to trade Bread for a Horse.

Since Emi did not have a horse herself she pulled her strings and organized for me to visit her friend Lisa. Now Lisa does not only have a horse, she’s got a whole farm that she runs on her own. Emi brought Quinces from her farm to trade with me. As if SF has no food to offer we stocked up on everything from the freshest of eggs to Veggies. Together with the jams, cheeses, honey, herbs and chutneys that I have been trading with the farmers black market in Santa Rosa the car is stuffed. No need for eating out in San Francisco for another week.




I love this Levi’s Made and Crafted shirt made by a blend of cotton and silk (same as I wore in White on Malibu Beach)


In Santa Rosa I also traded 6 bottles of Beer from Russian River Brewery. What I did not know was that the beer just scored 100 out of 100 on the Beer Advocate yearly grading last week. I can assure you that you could taste the light honey aroma in the bread I baked last week in Big Sur.


BTW. This is last August in München. Very similar to now.

Thank you Katrin Weber for helping with pictures!

MalinBread for Horse

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