Bread Shovel

One of the most special birthday present I ever received must have been the baking shovel that arrived from Afghanistan. It is so beautiful!  It came as a surprise gift from Shoib and Massuma. Shoib works for the German magazine DER SPIEGEL and his wife, Massuma invited me into their home to teach me how to cook Afghan dishes during my trip to Kabul.

Me and Shoib did a lot of searching until we found the right carpenter for the task. The Shovel is made by the wood design school Turquoise Mountain and is inspired by this beautiful door. On the back of the shovel it says “The Bread Exchange” in Dari!

Thank You All for your help! And especially thanks to Shoib!


MalinBread Shovel

3 Comments on “Bread Shovel”

  1. Martin Reusch

    Hallo Marlin,

    in der 2ten Haelfte Juli bin ich in Kabul. Wenn Du moechtest, Kann ich j Deinen Dank persoenlich ueberbringen ? Wenn Du das moechtest lass mich bitte Namen und Telefonnummern wissen. Gruss, Martin – Australien

    1. Elmlid

      Danke Martin! Die Schaufel ist schon in Berlin angekommen so es hat sich geregelt! Bedankt habe ich mich 🙂 Aber falls du zeit hast, schau dir mal Turquise mountain an! Ganz tolle sachen machen die!

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