Kladdkaka. The Swedish Chocolate Cake

The night of Friday, the staff at the Swedish prison in Norrtälje forgot to to lock up six of the inmates, including three  convicted for murder, in the cells. The inmates took the opportunity to bake Chocolate cake (so called “Kladdkaka”) and watch TV.

-”It was the nicest evening in a long time”, says one of the prisoners.


This makes me really really hungry for chocolate cake. Here is Nigella’s recipe:

And you will see, there is nothing fancy about this cake. But it is the ideal cake to make when you are lazy and just want to hang out in your chill outfit, maybe watch a movie with your friends, but still want to make something on your own. Just like the Swedish boys did.

As you know, I normally do not bake cakes. So I usually am really in a sweet mood when I go so far that I make myself a cake. Like here, making 3 batches of Kladdkaka and then adding chocolate in between.  I think it needs it since a classic swedish Kladdkaka is made with choco powder and not with melted chocolate.  Another tip, add some of you favorite choco, chopped  into the dough.

 Pic by Ailine Liefeld.



MalinKladdkaka. The Swedish Chocolate Cake

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