Last minute ski trip to Austria

Last weekend was supposed to be good weather and we decided to go skiing.

But I soon learned that it really has its pros and cons to go last minute skiing.

The advantage is of course the possiblity to go where the snow condition are good. Europe is really small so the distances are never really a problem. Last weekend the fön was blowing in over the hills. Saturday would be super sunny and warmer than ever, wheres Sunday would bring precipitation (snow, OR rain, depending on high up you are). We needed to find a spot high up in the mountains. I was of course suggesting Kitzbühel since I know the best ski lodging ever, the small schloss hotel Villa Mellon – Check out old blog posts about Villa Mellon HERE, and HERE, and HERE. But Kitzbühel   was simply located too low for such a warm weekend.

So, where to go?

We (or my BF Alex) opted for Lech-Zuers, located on 1450m.

It proved to be a great choice. Even I, who easily get bored in the slopes and starts thinking about where to go for dinner before we even had lunch yet, loved it. So, everything perfect.

But then it was the accommodation.

To get a last minute location can be really tricky. Alex and I had only been able to get single nights and Saturday afternoon a feeling of stress arrived as we still had not been able to find accommodation for our last night in Lech. All pensions turned down our request when they heard that we only wanted to stay one night. Even though none of the pensions had a green light for vacancy we both grabbed a phone and started to call up all pension numbers on the board at Lech tourist office (btw, great idea to offer these call-boards!)

And let me add another matter that comes with ski trips in general: price and quality.

I know there are snow loving friends of mine saying that the hotel does not really matter when you go skiing, and that they just sleep there.  I am not one of these people. I want a good bed. And I want a good breakfast. I don’t need things to be fancy, not at all; I love simple. However, It has to be simple and good.

I do not want to pay 180 euro/person/night for a crappy bed and an average breakfast. Because I think that is just rip off and if that’s how you want to run your business you are simply not doing hospitality business.

Therefore I am counting myself extremely lucky when I found Haus Widderstein and I can happily recommend it. 70-78 euro/person  for a simple and clean room. There is nothing fancy here and it is a very classic Austrian style pension. The real reason to stay here is the breakfast. With a larger cheese selection than many 5 star hotels where I stayed I could easily have  stayed another week; Walserstolz and smoked ham from their private alpine meadow as well as Brie with homemade pumpkin seed filling where just a few to mention. The dedication at this family run breakfast pension was one of a kind. I hope I will get a chance to return.


Haus Widderstein +43 5583 2452


What is your favorite breakfast pension / hotel in the mountains? 

Lech_Us  Lech_Manner

Too small to share. Manner. I don’t know why I love these Austrian waffles so much. But they are just great.

(I just ask myself; Why is the opening right over the logo? Would it not be smarter to have it run over the lower part of the package?)



Super Baby. Best ski lift name ever.

Thanks to the Tourist office in Lech for your support as well as to Peak Performance!




MalinLast minute ski trip to Austria

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