It is friday night and I can not think of anything less exciting then doing my travel receipts. The pile of 4 weeks travels could take a whole weekend 🙁
Luckily I started a new sourdough yesterday.

As always I am hunting holes. This time I would almost call it a success. Maybe the bread turned out a bit light. One loaf was only 300gr. And the taste is very light-sour. Personally I want it really tickeling sour 🙂

I must say my latest attempts has been a bit heavy. At the “Kräftskiva” last weekend something went terribly wrong and my baguettes could easily be mistaken for batongs. Of course that happens when I want to impress my bread loving Dad…But tonight we are talking holes! Check this out!


This is the perfect night sandwich for working or a late night out.
1) Goat cheese with Nettle (Brennessle) and Cherry Tomato
2)Smoked Salmon with Kaviar.

So easy. And so good. But please do not try the Kaviar with Riesling. It tasts like shit. Seriously!



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