Pimp your Porridge

This morning was an early one. My friend Stefanie came by early with a fresh pressed juice. I made porridge. Since we could not decide on which one of  all the exciting porridge ideas we had in our heads, we decided to make two different kinds in a tasting size.

1) Blue Raspberry porridge with Dinkel, Oat, Kruska, Soy and Probiotic Blueberry drink

2) Banana Carob Porridge with Lucuma. Amazing. Based on Dinkel, Oats and Kruska. Topped with Lux Müsli from the House Frau.


I think you can imagine what has been going on. I was in Paris and went to a great Vegan restaurant close to Canal St Martin that is called Voy (Thank you Saskia for the suggestion!).

It was, how should I put it, Inspiring. I left with a bag (a pretty small bag but still 160 euro)  with different super healthy so called super fruit powders. I have done this before and I am normally ending up throwing it all away a year later.

Now I need to find a use for these things.  Have stocked up on Spirulina, Lucuma, Carob, Acai and Acerola. I do not need energy drinks/bars. I have enough energy as it is. Suggestions anyone?

By the way, the porridge was great!

MalinPimp your Porridge

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