thank you Fabrique!

Robert at Fabrique has allowed me to use his ovens tomorrow for the Bread event I am doing at AWB.  This is always the critical moment when you do a pop up bakery – to find an oven. And to find an oven not to far away from where you are sleeping. Check, I live 120m away from Fabrique and can fall out of my bed into the bakery. Remember that the bakers wake up really really early. I will start at 6.00am. I might even bake in curlers.

Thank You so much!

I went by the bakery today to have a peek and just the look of the loaves convinced me. Will have the Rye sourdough with  bowl of Mussels tonight!


The Bread was awesome! Rosenlundsgatan 28 in Stockholm is the address.


Malinthank you Fabrique!

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  1. Elmlid

    Yes, Fabrique is great. And what makes them even better is the fact that there are nice people working there. You can taste it in the bread.

    There are a few nice sourdough Bakeries here in the North. Just in sthlm you will find 40 artisan Bakeries within the city walls. It is a great development in the right direction of food production. This makes me happy. Let me know when you get a chance to go to sthlm or cph!

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