Weather check Kabul

Tomorrow I am going to Kabul. At the moment I am considering trivial matters such as “what do I wear?“.

And realizing “I have nothing to wear“.

I am of course not thinking this phrase for first time in my life as I stand in front of the  clothing rails in my bedroom. However, I think that today this is the first time that there is a pinch of truth in this line.

Has anyone been to Kabul? I hear so many different recommendations. I plan to wear long shirts over my wide pants. It it obvious that I would cover my hair. Is this enough? I guess I am too used to expressing personality through my clothing and it is confusing to bring in completely new ideas and at the same time try to keep the Malin in there. I am very fine with wearing head scarf, but I do find it tricky to combine my schal with the western clothing in a cold weather, and at the same time you do not want to dress up being someone you are not. Tips, anyone?

So, weather check:

Looking at the weather it gives me the feeling that it is similar to San Francisco. Anyone there right now that can give me a hint if this is correct? If the weather is like in the Bay Area my wheat sourdough will LOVE going to Kabul.


The other day I met up with beautiful Kabul born Rabeah here in Berlin. Thanks for helping me with connections!


MalinWeather check Kabul

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