Wine in Kabul

It is not easy to have a glass of wine with your meal in Kabul. Most restaurant does not serve it. I heard of 3 restaurants in total that offer wine. To serve wine can mean a security risk for the restaurant. This particular restaurant did not have much more security than many other western oriented once but you have to get used to going through 3 metal gates with body security check in between. I have no problem not drinking wine for a while, however, to order wine, served in a tea pot, was hard to resist.


I received a comment by Sasha on my instagram pictures that in the restaurant Paradiso Perduto in Venice serve their wine in cups as the chef believes what comes from the earth does not taste good in a glass. I need to figure this out though. Growing up in the glass art region in Sweden (some promotion for Småland  is always nice) I learned that Glass is made out of sand. So what is his theory really? Anyone who knows?

MalinWine in Kabul

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    1. Elmlid

      In fact, it was already ordered at the table by the couple we were meeting up for dinner. I asked what they were drinking and they said it is wine tea. As I took my sip I did not expect it to be wine at all :)

    1. Elmlid

      No, it was regular french wine. But at that mystic description I was expecting a hot wine or herbed wine too. Would have been really nice. But I guess that if you are from the west, living in Kabul for some time, you really enjoy a glass of classic red wine once in a while. At least I would.

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