The first Bread Exchange in Kabul

My first bread here in Kabul could really have showed a bit more effort to make a good first impression. However, I had brough 8 packages of French Salted Raw milk butter. And, remember anything eaten with seasalted raw milk butter tastes really good. I traded the bread for the chance to learn how to make Ashak, an Afghan kind … Read More

MalinThe first Bread Exchange in Kabul

The Bread

I never visted a country where bread played a larger  role than in Afghanistan. The Bread is practically used instead of the fork and spoons, eaten by the right hand only. The people I met told me they eat bout 1 bread per person and meal. When I baked my Bread in the Tandoor, a loaf of their size  wheigh … Read More

MalinThe Bread

Important visitor in Kabul

The other day John Kerry came to town so I stayed away from the center as much as possible. The days when important guests are in town the risk of suicide bombings go up rapidly, I’ve been told. You do not want to be stuck at a check point when a bomb goes off. It is hard to control this … Read More

MalinImportant visitor in Kabul

the Bakery

Bread is without doubt the most important dish in Afghanistan. The most common is the Nan bread, baked in a tandoor in the ground. I experienced two different kinds of  bakeries in Kabul. In the one kind of the bakery does all the work, from making the dough to baking it. You simply buy your bread at the bakery. The … Read More

Malinthe Bakery

girls shopping

Today I met a female Afghan photographer who took me out girls shopping. It was the Only time spend without a man 2 meters away from me. It is a weird feeling that you by no chance can be independent. I am lucky to have two great locals on my side, Shoib and Basher. Basher is acting like my bodyguard … Read More

Malingirls shopping

today is a new year

I am arriving to Afghanistan together with the Spring. It is the first day of the new year. And it is the first day of spring. March 21st. This day is a celebration of new life and has its origins before Islam, in the time of Zoroaster. At New Year, when everything is fresh, and the winter is over, Afghans … Read More

Malintoday is a new year