Baking for Daniel Humm

To find an oven is probably the most complicated task in the journey of Bread Exchange. Or, rather, it can be hard to find openminded people who don’t think it is crazy to ask them to use their oven. When I found an oven I usually stand in front of an even larger challenge;  that every oven is different. At … Read More

MalinBaking for Daniel Humm

Gramercy Park Hotel

Sourdough prep before I fall asleep. Thank you for the support! Sorry about any flour traces I might have left behind on the minibar glass.

MalinGramercy Park Hotel

The sourdough also arrived in NYC

Now I just need to find an oven. Any suggestions on openminded bakers that would let me borrow their heat for an hour? It can be anywhere in the city. Even Brooklyn.

MalinThe sourdough also arrived in NYC

I did it!

Everything worked out. 31 Breads were delivered. And the Daily Newspaper BZ wrote that “Great Modern Art is easier to find in Berlin than Good Bread”. I could not agree more. When Karen Boros could not find good bread to go with her soup she turned creative and asked me to trade as many Breads as I could possibly make … Read More

MalinI did it!

Work in Progress

Mary Sherpe came by my play room to follow the process of baking. These are her pictures and this is her Blog Post about Bread Exchange at Stil in Berlin. Thank you!

MalinWork in Progress

In the playroom

I have now baked 16 of 30 of tonights Bread. I am slowly ,slowly seeing the end of the tunnel. If you are attending the dinner in Boros Bunker, and would like to trade a bread, let me know. I would bring one of the Loafs for you.

MalinIn the playroom

Bread Exchange Today!

Tomorrow I will be baking Bread for 350 people at Boros Bunker. I have ordered 67 kg of Germanys best flour from München. This amount of bread is really way above my limits and I have no idea how I will manage. So I am practicing practicing practicing. There will already be so much Bread ready this afternoon so please … Read More

MalinBread Exchange Today!

I say Thank You!

Thank you for making my birthday amazing. We spend it over the rooftops and even the sun that has been gone for weeks decided to show up. Thanks again! Laura made my birthday cake. It contained everything I wished for: Baise, Rhubarb, Strawberries, White Chocolate and Tonka beans. A real love cake. Matthias made a huge roast beef that went … Read More

MalinI say Thank You!

Rhubarb upside down

Last night I was cake craving. It is rhubarb time and I still have not eaten one single cake. So I threw together the following cake which is a mix of recipes from NYTimes, Martha Stewart (I used her recipe as a base, see below, and made changes) and my own taste. It is something really simple. A fluffy rhubarb … Read More

MalinRhubarb upside down

Finnish Comfort Bread

So now it happened. Someone decided to trade a BREAD for a Selfmade BREAD in my Bread Exchange project. I think most people are aware that if there is something that I am not lacking, then it is bread. However, There is one bread I AM lacking; Finnish Rye Sourdough. I am brought up on this bread and I have very … Read More

MalinFinnish Comfort Bread